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BodyGroup: Age 50 plus and Bodybuilding
Founded: September 24, 2011 |
Members: 13
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We are a group that after many years of bodybuilding starts and restarts, for whatever reason, including those that want to begin bodybuilding at age 50 and over, have now made a steadfast commitment to get into the shape we have always wanted to be in and stay that way. Although many of us are "Old School" bodybuilders we also implement modern information and healthy nutrition to achieve our goals.


Commitment to follow through on the smaller stepping stone goals that keep us on our path to the journey of completing our major goal which is: Being in the best physically fit condition we can be in, in spite of possible limitations at our ages. Being willing, in the safest manner possible, to do whatever it takes to work around road blocks, whatever they may be and still be consistent and triumphant to our final goal, then staying that way.

Age: 53
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