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The 2011 Transformation Group
Members: 13974

Let's gain muscle, lose fat and transform our bodies into sun worshiping sculptures.

100K Transformation Challenge
Members: 10990

We want to transform our lives and bodies!!

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer
Members: 10890

This BodyGroup is for anyone and everyone that is participating in the Jamie Eason's 12-Week Trainer Program! This is an "unofficial" group with intentions to provide support, encouragement, ideas, and tips for others doing the program.

Dymatize Nutrition
Members: 10495

Dymatize is here because we want to hear from YOU! What you like, don't like, your goals, how we can help you - anything and everything fitness-related!

0 - 60 Elite Fitness
Members: 6568

We pack on maximum amount of lean muscle and shred bodyfat as fast as humanly possible! The workouts and motivation will push you to a level that you never thought possible!

Labrada 12-Week Lean Body Daily Trainer
Members: 5503

Get Your Lean Body In 12 Weeks, with Lee Labrada's Guide To Getting A Lean Body!

0 Cutting 0
Members: 5367

Break Down All Unnecessary Fat And Reveal The Hard Bodies Underneath!

0 - 6 Month Transformation
Members: 5202

This group want's members to gain muscle and transform themselves in 6 months, making their goals and aspirations a reality.

100k Transformation Challenge 2011
Members: 4751

To win the $100,000 Transformation Challenge 2011 while transforming!

1 First Ever Transformation
Members: 4058

This group is for people who are looking to completely transform their body for the first time in their life.

BSN Transformation Challenge
Members: 3639

We want to transform our lives!

Shredded Beyond ABSolute
Members: 3601

We are a member who wants to be just simply shredded beyond ABSolute. Mainly through dedication, discipline, determination, and full effort execution will only maximize our own bodies best potentials through its own individual set of goals in mind.

Gun Club
Members: 2652

Gain quality arm and delt muscle mass along with overall fat reduction and health.

Members: 2638

To change our bodies to whatever our goals and desires are.

Body by Design
Members: 2588

Lets promote the Body by Design program to everyone we care about. We can be the leaders towards transforming the nation. Give your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving. Order now and recieve up to 37% discount from Amazon