Who We are:

This is a group of people who are like minded and are determined to get the body they want. This group was set up on the 31/10/2011 so by the 1st of May 2012 the first members targets WILL have been met. This is suitable for all people no matter what goals, be it become a fitness model, or just lose weight and become a healthier person.


The road to triumph can be long and tiresome, why spend it alone? Lot's of people all over the world are doing it alone so this group aims to bring them all together so they can share and learn from one another's experiences. Training programs will be made for members of the group with the same aim, i.e. Ripped, Mass building, Lose weight. Due to the 6month limit and the compulsion of brilliant results they will be intense and gruelling. However with everyone coming together we can make sure each and every member achieves their goals.

Age: 47