Who We are:

We are a member wanting to be simply shredded and maximize our own specific body types best to its potentials. Specifically by either gaining muscle mass or proportionate in strength size total body definitions while losing body fat % in the help of the support group. Whether here in for to compete, improve for a sport or a job, model, to get back in shape, or just plain self satisfaction mentally and physically to itself, and so forth. That we all do our best in helping and learning from our own and each other's mistakes. As well as help each other share ideas in nutrition, supplementation, training, and a healthy living fitness lifestyle routine of bodybuilding. So we all can show the world that we are all shredded beyond ABSolute!


We us a team can only inspire so much from each other and help to keep each other motivated reach our own set of specific individual goals in mind. As well to maximize our own best potential expectations being in this support group. But at the end of the day we all need to do more for our own self. No matter what the circumstances are that we all need to believe in our own self. We all just need to mainly just do it. Keep on pushing it and achieve it!