Who We are:

This group purpose will be to target the skinny community, and create that spark that will motivate them to change their lifestyle completely around. They will have a group designed for them, to serve them, and not have to worry about being embarrassed by sharing their stories because everyone here will be in the same boat.


Well let me list some of the benefits 1. Sharing transformation stories with people who can relate to you 2. People who actually want to see you succeed, and will dedicate some of their time JUST TO HELP YOU OUT 3. Diet plans, and recipes 4. Supplement reviews, and products that have helped us in our journey 5. Workout plans that work, that we have tried first hand 6. Someone to personally talk to and new friends So let me cut to the chase and say I was once and still consider myself pretty small/skinny. I guess as you workout more and become more dedicated you become more critical of how you look, which can be a good thing and also bad thing. I want to welcome everyone who decided to join this forum personally, and we may have a long journey up ahead but we will do it together. You can pm me or I can post my phone number, and email so people can get ahold of me.

Age: 48